Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is digital printing?

Digital printing refers to printing directly from a computer file without the need for costly setup time and materials.


2. What are the advantages of digital printing?

Allows you to order very small quantities and highly personalized items. Often used for variable direct mail.


3. What quantities of prints are you cost effective at?

This is really a trick question. Digital print cost effectiveness is typically best for short-run levels at 1 – 2,500 prints (depending on size). But adding a variable element to your product can increase ROI and thus make the digital press the only way to go.


4. What about quality? Is digital printing really just a color copy machine?

We have all seen the advances of technology and how even the smallest at home printer can product lab quality photos.  Our digital presses take the technology to the next level, allowing larger formats, color matching and even PMS colors. Today, it is often hard to tell the difference between a conventionally and digitally printed piece.


5. How do I set up my files for you to print from?

File set up is the same for digital and conventional printing. See our file specification sheet for more details.


6. Do you provide proofs before printing?

Yes. On conventional print jobs, a digital dylux (2 sided, foldable, lower resolution) and a color matched proof are provided. On digital print jobs, a PDF proof is forwarded electronically. On Mailing jobs, live proofs are forwarded for review via PDF.


7. I have a list for my mailing, is there a secure way to send it to you?

On the home page, there you can select the “Data Transfer” button or the “Submit a Job”. Both will allow you a secure data transfer with a password provided by your sales or customer service representative.


8. Can you invoice me for postage on a mailing job?

Yes, we can, but a 5% handling fee is added. We provide postage statements prior to mailing dates so you can prepare a postage check (made out to US Postmaster) that we can take with us to the post office when we deliver your job.


9. How fast can you deliver?

With four plants, many running 24 hours a day, turn around time is often based on schedule and complexity of the work. We have seen small postcard projects mail within 48 hours, and perfect bound books deliver in as few as 7 days. Speak to your sales person or customer service representative for a schedule that fits your needs.


10. Does it matter what location I take my business to?

Absolutely not! We service our customers from all locations and place their work at the location best suited for their project. We have plants connected by dark fiber gigabit Ethernet, constant transports between sites, and calibrated proofing for the presses.


11. Where can I get an estimate from?

There is an estimate form at You can also contact your sales person or customer service representative for a personal consultation. Written estimates are typically provided within 48 hours.


12. What are your payment terms?

New customers are half down, half on pickup/delivery. Those customers looking for payment terms can complete a credit application for review.


13. Do you offer any photography or graphic design?

We have professionals in both fields on our staff. Coordination of a special meeting can be done through your sales person or customer service representative.


15. Can you ship to me nationwide? What about to my trade show?

Sure can! We offer specialty pick and pack services as well as warehousing and custom fulfillment on a short and long term basis.


16. I have a lot of locations ordering similar materials. Do you have an online ordering system?

One of the best in the market, our online Z-Suite of products called offers a fully variable web to print solution allowing for multiple users and personalizing products. Call for a demonstration.


17. Ever seen your name spelled out of pebbles? Can you guys do that?

Neat isn’t it! We can take your data file and personalize your next piece through our Z-Pics software. Tons of images to choose from, each piece spells out a cool story!


18. I need to print my project with a Union label. Can you accommodate?

We certainly can at our Zenger Partners location. Union label #14 since 1948.



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